Communication center layout

The comm center follows a simple layout, select a conflict (WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm), or years of interest.

There are two area's in the center you can make use of. If you're searching for a fellow Marine you served with during a perticular conflict, then we suggest you post in that area of the center (conflicts).

As an example, if you're leaving a message looking for Marine's attached to a certain company or platoon, try and make good use of the subject line in your message. Example:

2nd Platoon, H Company, Korea

Search engine's like Google, and Yahoo offer unique abilities of locating names, and places on web sites.

The body of the message is very important, list names, places, or even battle's by name opens up the world of the Internet. where there is a good chance your message will be found by search engine's on the internet.

lf you were in the Corps during a time period that there were no conflicts, then we suggest you use the area of the center that is listed by years. There's a good chance others would think to look in this area of the center first.

It should be noted that if you do not remember a Marine by name, you can list his/her by nick name as well.

In addition to the above features of the Comm Center, we also have a general Marine message center area for those Marines interested in general discussions.